Welcome to my nature journal. You probably happened upon this site by chance, but welcome!

self portrait2Look around and you’ll see that I am in the middle of a project. I’m busy converting my photos to “photoshop sketches”.  To do this, I generally use the “poster edges” filter in Photoshop to highlight the details in each image. Why bother? Just because I’m learning what’s possible with a camera and software…and because as a naturalist, I delight in plant and animal morphology.

Most of these photos were taken near my home in Southwest Virginia. A few others are from my travels to other places. Someday I hope to use these pictures (especially the animal and landscape photos) to write a children’s book–the kind of illustrated book that I always wanted to read with my kids when they were young.

This is my second photo blog. My first one is strictly focused on wildflower and mushroom identification.  It is called Virginia Wildflowers, and if you are interested in natural history, take at look at it HERE.

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  1. Are there any pretty wildflowers that are exclusively native to Virginia? Your blogs are fantastic! Keep it up!!!

    1. Exclusively–like as in only lives in Virginia? I don’t know the answer to that. Sorry! Thanks for the compliment on my blogs! I enjoy keeping them up.

  2. So excited to find your beautiful blog! I love near Williamsburg, Va and have a few native wildflowers growing in my backyard. Your photos are gorgeous.

  3. Hello, can I please request permission to use your photo of Smithfield plantation on another website (not for profit)? I can provide more detail directly to you rather than on the public comment board. Thanks.

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